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Too Sweet Party Policies

Deposit:  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your party date and time.

Final Payment: Final payment is due after the party has ended and must be made in cash. Checks and credit cards are not accepted on the day of the party as final payment.  
Cancellations and Refunds:  If you must cancel your party for any reason, the following refund policy applies:  We will be unable to refund your deposit.  

Arrival Times:  Please plan on arriving to our location 15 minutes prior to your scheduled party time.  Party can not start any later than 10 minutes past the scheduled party time, due to time constraints, parties have to start as soon as possible.

Parking:  Please park in the driveway.  There is plenty of parking available. Please enter through the side door.

Parent attendance:  We ask that the guardian of the birthday girl please stay for the duration of the party to attend to the possible needs of the children.  I ask that no more than 3 extra adults stay for the duration of the party.  Space is limited.    

Tipping and Gratuity:  Tips are not included in the package price but are greatly appreciated.  

If a child does not show up, do I still have to pay for that child?  Please remember, you will be charged for the final head count you gave 5 days before the party.
All children and guests are asked to please remain with the party staff at all times, please no wandering around the premises.